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Herne Bay Counsellor Training is a recognised centre for providing counselling courses by the Skills and Education Group.  SEG, approve and moderate all of our courses.

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2024 CPD Workshops

13th April - Advanced Principles of Gestalt - the application

The Gestalt Cycle of Experience provides a comprehensive model for understanding how we navigate experiences; providing a path where change can be navigated. Within this workshop we will be exploring the complexities and core concepts to explore how change is brought about and how a person can navigate their layers of experience, raising their awareness, and help empower them to take action to create transformative change.

We will be discussing Gestalt theory in more depth and exploring how to use skills and techniques to consolidate and reinforce the Gestalt approach for an integrative humanistic counsellor.   

11th May - Exploring the Polyvagal Theory

This workshop aims to introduce the Polyvagal Theory which is a new way of viewing our nervous system which has the potential to explore new ways of working with our own self-care, as well as working with our clients. Within this workshop we will be exploring how our wellbeing is dependent on a functional and adaptive nervous system, which has as much to do with our body as our mind.  

This is an experiential workshop with the aim to sharpen the clinical focus of the counsellor around the following key areas: Polyvagal theory, befriend,  attend, own and guide the nervous system. 

8th June - More Creative Interventions - working with image and metaphor

Counselling can already be described as creative because it nurtures new ideas, perspectives, and knowledge. So, if you are one of those counsellors who says they are not creative, we beg to differ!

Creativity is one of several key factors in counselling, and this workshop is designed to help increase your creativity, build on your mindfulness, and help you open the door to other forms of expression which can extend the dialogue and depth within the counselling room.

Language can be a barrier as well as a gateway to understanding. Words can be misunderstood and incomplete, whilst images can help building bridges and fill gaps to further understanding. This workshop aims to explore the multiple ways counsellors can use creative methods and utilise image and metaphor to enhance their counselling skills and approach with their clients. 

​14th September - Exploring Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder

This workshop explores Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder. The aim of this workshop is to help you understand what the personality disorder is and how it impacts individuals. The aim is to reduce some of the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding this diagnosis to develop a wider understanding of EUPD.  

This is an experiential workshop with the aim to sharpen the clinical focus of the counsellor around key areas such as signs and symptoms, emotional sensitivity and mentalisation. 

All our workshops cost £65, there are discounts for multiple bookings and counsellors in training.  

To attend, please email us at cpdworkshops@hbcounsellortraining.com for a booking form.