Level 6 Advanced Specialist Diploma in Counselling Children and Young People

This course is designed for counsellors who are seeking to gain knowledge of, and competence in, working with children and young people (CYP) aged 4–18 years in order to practise with this age group in an ethical and effective way.

The course is aligned with the BACP Competency Framework and training curriculum which provides the minimum standard to which counselling practitioners of children and/or young people should be trained and comprises stages 1 & 2 which constitutes the formal award. Additional CPD incorporating stage 3 may be available once the formal award has been achieved.

The course follows flexible Humanistic-Relational principals of therapy with an emphasis on experiential, creative and reflective practice. 

Key Study Areas:

Ethical and professional practice
Child protection and safeguarding
Child and adolescent development and transitions
Communication with children and young people
Beginnings and endings with children and young people
Mental Health and children and young people
Working in the context of the counselling settings
The theory and principles of the counselling approach
Therapeutic relationships with younger clients
Working with children and young people’s emotions
Using play in therapy with younger clients
Collaborative assessments and risk assessments
Using measures and monitoring outcomes
Working with cultural diversity
Mental health, pharmacology and children & young people
Engagement with children, young people, parents and carers
Working within and across settings including agency | school | voluntary/community sector
Holding the overall perspective

The Level 6 Advanced Specialist Diploma in Counselling Children and Young People is for:

Post-qualified counsellors who wish to begin working with children and young people.
Entry requirements:

Qualified Counsellor to a minimum Level 4 Diploma (core training must have included a 100hr clinical placement)
BACP registered member or equivalent professional body
Enhanced DBS Check
Two-character references stating suitability for working with children.  Referees must have known the applicant in a professional or personal capacity for a minimum of 2 years.  Ideally one of the referees will be your clinical supervisor.  Referees must not be a spouse, partner or relative.
Previous experience of working with children in any capacity is required.
Counselling Supervisor with established children and young people experience.
Currently in practice as a counsellors/psychotherapist
External candidates will be required to submit an assignment prior to interview.

Personal Therapy:
Candidates will be expected to undertake personal therapy during the course if the course tutor or clinical supervisor consider this necessary to ensure safe client work.

Assessment for the course will include: Written assignments; Case study; Skills practice assessment; Reflective journal; Self and peer evaluation; Log of 50 clinical placement hours.

Dates & Times:
Session 1 - 12th October 2024,
Session 2 - 9th November 2024
Session 3 - 14th December 2024
Session 4 - 11th January 2025
Session 5 - 8th February 2025
Session 6 - 8th March 2025
Session 7 - 26th April 2025
Session 8 - 10th May 2025
Session 9 - 14th June 2025

It is important that you attend all sessions.  Anyone who attends less than 80% of the sessions will not pass the course.

£1900 (can be paid by instalments of a £350 non-refundable deposit followed by 10 payments of £155 per month over the duration of the course)

Applications: Please email us for an application form – info@hbcounsellortraining.com

Level 6 Courses are specialist courses for counsellors that have qualified.


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